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How to Setup a New Operating System

An operating system (OS) is what manages your computer. The OS is in charge of making sure your computer's hardware and software work together properly. It also is an interface to allow you to communicate with your computer. If the operating system isn't working properly, then your computer won't work properly. You want an operating system that can manage the latest technology. You want your operating system to be fast, efficient, smart and good-looking. We can advise you on choosing the right OS for you.

Pick the Right OS for You

If you're using a PC, you will probably be installing the most recent version of Windows. If you're on a Mac, it's the most recent version of OSX. Both PC's and Macs can run the Linux operating system. We can help you to choose which system will work best for you.

Install the OS

We highly recommend that you backup all of your data prior to installation so that your it can be migrated over to the new operating system. The install process should be straight forward and usually takes anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.

Install the Drivers

Most of your hardware's drivers will be installed during the OS install process. Some drivers will need to be downloaded and installed manually. Critical updates and service packs are important to install. We also highly recommend that you have a security suite installed. See our computer setup service for more info.

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