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Home Technology Checkup

Home Technology Checkup

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Evaluate and improve your home tech’s security, reliability and speed with an in-home checkup from one of our technicians. You'll receive a scorecard detailing your home's security, network and speed results, a comprehensive list of which smart home products your home is ready for, and specific recommendations for how to improve any areas where your home is lacking.


  • Determine the status of your network security and available improvements
  • Take room-by-room WiFi measurements so you know where your internet is strong and where it can be improved
  • Examine your computer's security protocols, make sure they're up to date
  • Determine how ready each section of your home is for a range of smart devices
  • Measure internet speeds from your modem to determine the speed capacity of your home
  • Determine readiness of each room in your home for a range of smart devices based upon specific requirements

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