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Setup Email

We will setup your email so that it’s easier to use and has more functionality.

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How to Setup Email Properly

Are you still using your [email protected] email address? If so, it's probably because everyone has that email address, it's on your website and all of your business cards. Is that about right? We can help you setup a better email address along with a better email system. All this without missing any of your pants2001 emails

Find an Email Address You Like

You don't have to stick with an @yahoo or @gmail address. You have the option of getting a professional address like [email protected] If your email is for personal use, you can get [email protected] In any case, take your time and get an email address you will be a proud owner of.

Web-Based or Desktop Application?

Will you be using a web-based email system or a desktop app such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac's, or perhaps Windows Mail? Lots of people still prefer to use a native application because they are familiar with it. Applications offer some functionality that web-based apps don't have yet. But web-based apps are catching up fast. The advantage of going web-based is that you can access the email interface that you are familiar with from any computer with Internet access. We can help you determine which option is best for you.

Contacts, Forwarding, Filters and Signatures

We can import your contacts and emails from your previous system. We can also forward emails sent to your old address to your new one so that you don't miss an email. We can help with the setup of your filters so that emails automatically go into their proper folders. As a finishing touch, we will help setup your email signature for each of your email accounts.

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