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We are establishing ourselves as a leader in the video security industry, We provide top-of-the-line security camera systems helping you to keep a watchful eye on your home or small business day or night. Offering a variety of packages with wired and/or wireless security cameras with various DVR models, you can be sure to find a bundle that perfectly suits your needs. We provide both sales and installation and we give advice accordingly for your convenience.

security camera system

Since the number of criminal activities has increased in almost everywhere including homes, offices, schools, malls and other public places, the need for security camera installation has also increased. Activities like theft, murder and similar other incidents create in us a kind of fear which according to some does not have any solution. Places like offices, schools, homes or malls can be protected from harmful people like burglars, vandals or robbers. You also have to monitor kids, visitors, or trespassers. Security camera installation has been of great help to the many institutions these days.

Heroes and Geeks gives you guarantee of providing with the quality security cameras for homes, offices, schools, malls and other public areas. We provide with the security cameras of latest technology which gives you the perfect results. Monitoring things become easy with the help of our unique services.

While planning to install security cameras, one must be careful enough to plant a camera in the areas which need high security. So while installing cameras for indoors, make sure that every corner of security areas are noted beforehand. Indoor cameras are installed for the purpose of monitoring the people or valuables.

Outdoor cameras on the other hand are fixed at the entry and exit areas, around the building and the paths leading to the building. The cameras specially designed for indoor purposes may not work for outdoor purposes. Outdoor cameras need to withstand weather and should be vandal proof too. Using internal cameras outdoors will not be a practical choice since they get damaged quickly while exposed to sunlight, rain and other harsh climatic conditions. Our experienced service team can help you guide in finding the right spots for fixing cameras in the indoors or outdoors.

We provide you with light sensitive cameras for the purpose of monitoring during night hours. With quality light sensitive cameras, you will be able to rest in peace. We also provide cameras for outdoors, which have high coverage. You can get security cameras with great coverage at parking spaces or outdoors of schools or offices.

Our team of technicians have better knowledge of where and how to install these cameras outdoors, thus giving you peace of mind. Heroes and Geeks offer security camera installation and also assist you with technical support even after the installation of the cameras. Our service center is fully equipped to correct the faulty cameras within no time. Rates and for installation and running wiring range between $69.99 to $99.99 per camera based on the technician's surveilance of the site. Contact us and get assurance of full security.

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