Personal Technician Plan


Personal Technician Plan

Have peace of mind knowing that your computer and technical needs are being regularly serviced by our qualified technicians.

  • Regular virus and spyware scans
  • Priority service
  • 15 minutes of Remote Support included
  • Check scheduled backups
  • On-site repair included
  • Low hourly rate for additional hours

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  • @Home

    Have a technician come to your home or office.


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  • In-Shop

    Bring it into the shop and we'll take care of it.


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  • Remote

    We'll connect securely through the Internet.


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Problem-Solved Guarantee. *$29 for Initial Diagnosis. **$49 for Initial Visit, Travel and Diagnosis.

Personal Technician Plan Benefits

Why Choose Heroes and Geeks for Your I.T. Support? When it comes to IT Support, you usually get what you pay for. Go cheap and you end up with second class service. Hire a highly qualified technician, and you’re liable to break the bank. With Heroes and Geeks, you do not have to go over budget to ensure that your company’s computer network is well maintained. We can offer the same high-level of service you would expect from a full-time professional. You can expect to receive the responsiveness of a full-time employee without incurring the unnecessary expenses.

How do we do it?

Well, we allocate blocks of time to each computer on the client’s network. When something happens to the computer or computers within the network, we can immediately send the closest Technician to you to resolve the problem. You will have a dedicated group of Personal Technicians who know how your business’ computer network is setup. We understand that businesses are different, vary by industry and have different needs. Emergency Same-Day Service is included with the Personal Technician Plan. If you go over your allotted hours, we charge an hourly rate which is less than half of what the industry standard is.

Why do we charge such a low hourly rate when we can easily charge double or triple the amount?

It’s a way of making sure that our goals, expectations and interests match that of our clients‘. When a business’ computer system fails, they lose money. It would not make much sense to pay a company that benefits from those situations would it? Of course not. That is why we make sure that it is not profitable for us when problems occur. The only time we are profitable is when our clients’ computers are up and running which ensures our clients‘ profitability. Our interest is in making sure that the client’s network is speedy, stable and secure at all times. Our livelihood depends on it.

Personal Technician Plan Benefits

  • Group of Technicians Assigned to Your Business
  • Same-Day Service Included at No Additional Charge
  • Time Allocated for Each Computer or the Entire Network
  • Low Hourly Rate for Additional Hours
  • Data Backup and Security
  • Monthly Updates
  • Regular Scans for Viruses and Spyware
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Remote Support
  • Included OnSite Repair

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