Managed Services & Tech Support

Every now and then, when you’re facing IT issues, you’ll need to contact a service provider to get things fixed. This is called a fee-for-service method. In contrast, Heroes & Geeks’s managed IT services provides pro-active maintenance, meaning that we identify and fix problems before they cost you downtime. We basically look after every aspect of your IT, so you can focus on your business.

We put together this Frequently Asked Questions section for you to explore the benefits of Managed Services. If you have questions not listed here, or if you’re ready to talk about your IT plan, please contact us or call us: (323) 305-9003.

What is Managed Services?
Why choose Heroes & Geeks's Managed Service Plan?
Why have clients agreed to Managed Service?
How are Managed Services priced?
Why Managed Services vs. Break-Fix?
Do Managed Services Cost More Than Break-Fix Services?