Business Computer Repair and Monthly Maintenance Packages

Our business computer and network service packages as shown below offer the best bang for the buck for local Los Angeles and Surrounding areas companies that need monthly attention put towards their desktop pc, laptop, or server environments. Each one of our packages has been specifically targeted for small to medium sized business in the Los Angeles and Surrounding areas. Once you purchase our monthly package one of our service technicians will meet at your location to asses your computers and your network which will allow them to develop a monthly maintenance regimen based on the monthly hour block that is purchased. Note: We do offer 3-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month Fixed Rate Prices. We recommend getting at least a 6-Month Service Agreement to ensure that your pricing remains the same as pricing is subject to change at any time unless you're under a Contract Service Agreement with Fixed terms.

Already have an IT Department? Our IT consultants/Business computer repair experts work well with existing staff. Contact Us to get more information on outsourcing some of your IT department tasks to us.

  Maintenance Plan DetailsBasicProPremium
  Devoted On-Site Hours a Month
  # of Computers Covered1-55-1010-20
  Security MaintenanceYesYesYes
  Network OptimizationYesYesYes
  Computer & Laptop OptimizationYesYesYes
  Hours of Phone Support a Month222
  Remote SupportYesYesYes
  Data Backup ServiceOptional (+fee)Optional (+fee)Optional (+fee)

Below is a brief list of the typical computer maintenance tasks that should be performed on business network computers, laptops, and servers monthly along with the estimated times to complete each task. This is highly useful when picking a maintenance package to suit your small business network needs and budget.

  Service to be performedEstimated time to complete
  Server Log Report Audit
  1-2 Hours
  Network Wide Security Audit
  1-2 Hours
  Network Wide PC Audit
  1-3 Hours
  Network Optimization
  1-2 Hours
  Computer & Laptop Optimization
  1-3 Hours
  Software Installation
  1-2 Hours
  Software Updates
  1-2 Hours
  Hardware Installation
  1-2 Hours