Install Computer Hardware


Install Computer Hardware

Have a new peripheral device that you want installed into your system? Maybe you want a hardware upgrade. We can help you with that.

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Problem-Solved Guarantee

We have a 100% Problem-Solved Guarantee. You pay when the problem is resolved. If we cannot fix your issue we will gladly refund you for that service or give you credit towards a service that does resolve the problem. We guarantee our work for 14-days after the date of service. *The Problem-Solved Guarantee does not include services billed on an hourly basis, maintenance plans or personal technician plans.


Before we can fix the computer problem, we need to figure out the cause of the problem. Symptoms can be mistaken as causes of problems. Sometimes there are multiple causes that compound. Let our qualified technicians diagnose the issue properly so we can recommend the proper service.

Initial Visit, Travel and Diagnosis Fee (ITD)

We charge a fee of $49 to travel on-site. This fee includes the scheduled visit, travel charges, and the diagnosis. Return visits are $20 unless the cause of the return visit is due to an error on the technician’s part. A 20-mile radius is covered under the $49 charge. Travel charges for 21-40 miles radius from the local shop is an additional $20.

Problem-Solved Guarantee. *$29 for Initial Diagnosis. **$49 for Initial Visit, Travel and Diagnosis.

How to Install Computer Hardware

Will you be installing an internal or external device? New hardware usually comes with a cd containing drivers and software. It's probably best to download the most current version of the drivers and software from the manufacturer's website. If you are installing an external drive, it will most likely plug in using either the USB or firewire port. If you are installing an internal device, you will open up the computer case and inser the hardware into an open slot. There are different types of ports, make sure you have a compatible device. Once the hardware is installed, follow the instructions to install the software and drivers. Some devices require you to install the software prior to the hardware. Check the instructions. Finally, restart and make sure the hardware is working properly.

Review the Device's Documentation

See whether the hardware needs to be installed prior to the software or vice versa.

Download and Install Recent Drivers and Software

Download and install the most recent drivers and software from the manufacturer's website. Sometimes the CD that comes with the hardware is out-of-date.

Install and Test the Functionality

After you go through the installation process, test the new device's functionality to make sure it works properly.

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