Computer Repair Services in Inglewood, South LA, Baldwin Hills and Slauson Mall

Our lives significantly rely on computers, from our personal lives to work and commerce, we use computers around the clock. The computer brings the world market a mouse click away, thats why its very important to maintain and have our computers operating the best they can. Our team of computer techs is the geekiest; they're known as the "computer whisperer". If your computer is misbehaving or has come down with a virus the geeks will prescribe some discipline with the monthly computer check-up/cleaning and antivirus treatment and your computer problems will be a thing of the past.


Some of our services include the following:

Service Options

Networking Solutions Hardware/ Software Upgrades
Data Recovery/Transfer Laptop repairs and upgrades
Ram and Motherboard upgrades Install Servers, Routers
IT Services On-Site Assistance & Repair
Apple & Mac repair Operating System upgrades
Hardware Repairs LCD Monitor Repairs
Virus & Malware Removal Regular Maintenance
Computer Set-up/Hook-up