Why to Opt for Outsourcing Computer Repair and IT Support Services in Los Angeles?

With the technology evolution, cyber threats have actually grown in number and size and this is very clear that no business is completely secure. More than 50% of small and medium sized businesses must have experienced cyber attacks for sure. Securing your company’s digital assets from applications to files to servers and all is critical. It is must to have constant network monitoring, computer repair, threat management and intrusion detection support to safeguard your business. Here enlists are the top reasons why it is necessary to outsource IT support and computer repair services in Los Angeles directly from professionals.

1. You serve in a high risk industry – Any business that deals with confidential research, sensitive customer’s information, IP related details is always counted among the prime target for hackers. Industries that are considered in a high risk against these attacks include Finance, Government, Healthcare, Legal and Manufacturing. Even if, you share business ties with any of them, you can also be a potential target for cyber attacks. IT experts know what they have to, and are aware of latest technology and could proffer accordingly the security services that are must to secure the business.

2. You have BYOD (bring-your-own-device policy) policy – Letting employees bring their own devices, and use of different operating systems and software in the same environment makes it extremely vulnerable for malicious attackers and this is the major reason that BYOD policy is critical. Having a BYOD policy in your company could drain both your time as well as resources. A good and professional IT support firm could help in creating and enforcing password protection requirements or security controls or accept certain guidelines necessary for the BYOD policy.

3. Are you planning a cloud expansion – Planning and implementing a cloud expansion is indeed a very smart move but with bigger dependence on the cloud, there are bigger security risks as well associated. Spreading the resources and data on different clouds can get disorganized at a quicker pace and it could be time consuming to manage and maintain them. A professional firm can help you with implementation of a consistent infrastructure along with operations required to safeguard the growing cloud infrastructure.
4. You have experienced a cyber attack – Recovering from an attack is not simple and it can take months or even years to recover lost clients, resources. It is must to consistently update the security systems. It is necessary to create new rules, systems and policies that can help in preventing another attack and outsourcing services from a professional IT firm can really help in the same.
5. You don’t have any security add-on in your company – To assure security in a company against external attacks is a full time job. Hiring dedicated staff for the same could be costly and outsourcing 24/7 services from a firm is cost effective. It will be their responsibility to manage and take care of all the security breaches that could happen.

Heroes and Geeks is one of the reliable and authentic managed IT support and service provider, serving excellent services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. While outsourcing your requirements with them, you can actually gain access to the following:

• 24/7 IT support and security
• Integrated data recovery and security management
• Advanced network security to secure against viruses, malware, spyware and others
• Industry pioneering external attack detection and prevention
• Onsite Computer repair assistance and support
• Wireless networking and Wi-Fi installation related assistance

Want the necessary help and assistance in securing your IT infrastructure? Feel free to contact Heroes and Geeks right away.