Positives That IT Support in LA Can Bring to Businesses Implementing Wireless Networking


IT support services in Los Angeles are highly been recommended and preferred by locals, SMBs and people as they could cater more than one business at the same time. In fact, they are supposed to be offering promising and efficient solutions that most of the internal strategies and solutions and team ever could. Are you planning to implement for wireless networking solutions for your business? In case, you have been thinking to outsource onsite tech support when it comes to implementation of best wireless networking solutions, then do understand that following advantages could be availed by doing that.

Professionalization – IT support service providers in Los Angeles function with much better professionalism than others. Internal techies used to have your equipments and resources to deal with. In case the operations fail, their job could be at risk and your company’s budget could also fall in much of the hassle. In fact, it could be beyond their scope of work line in many cases and seeking services from an outsourced IT service provider who is been providing wireless networking, could be an entirely different experience. They operate within a fixed budget and proffer the services and solutions at the very moment as they specialized personnel to do the same.

Staff reduction – If you are outsourcing wireless networking solutions from an IT support service provider then most probably you would not require to have your own internal techies to manage your operations. Instead of the same, you can trust on the professionals of outsourced service provider and pay less for better, robust and efficient services.

Customization – No business operations could remain competent without some level of customization and it may seem that certain things are impossible to attain but any good and trusted IT support service provider will assure to proffer the fully fledged services.

Compliance – It is must to be compliant to specific standards and norms when it comes to wireless networking and Wi-Fi installation in your company. An outsourced global IT support provider can assure the compliance in the best possible way as compared to anyone else.

Lowered expenses and efficient wireless networking – Heroes and Geeks is a reckoned and reputed IT support service provider in Los Angeles, helping SMBs and others to integrate their operations more effectively and in a hassle free way. Assuredly the operational costs will be lowered while taking assistance and support from them. Do contact them for more details.

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Control and Optimize Your Users’ Home Wi-Fi Experience!


In this technological world, wireless is a significant service needed by everyone. In case, it goes out, it feels like everything has been put on a halt. This is the prime reason to wonder that so many organizations and businesses still trust on unauthentic and out-of-date wireless networks supporting their users’, employees and customers.

In any business, if something is pretty much important than it is the user experience. The quality and performance of your Wi-Fi network plays a pivotal role in ascertaining how much personal and productive that experience is for the users. Here, below mentioned are the pointers focusing on apt Wi-Fi planning, and how to optimize your users’ home Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi network in your home – The physical obstacles like appliances or walls could really impact the speed and performance of your Wi-Fi. To make the optimal use of Wi-Fi and enrich your home experience, make sure to minimize the number of obstacles in between and be nearest to the devices like router or modem.

Shift nearer to Wi-Fi router device – The place where router is located is pretty much important. So many people keep the device in an attic or a basement or like the arenas from where it is very much difficult to get the wireless signal strength.

Do make sure to put it at the centre of the home, or somewhere up in the floor in home from where it could be better to reach out to the signal strength in an optimal manner.

Have a look at all the devices – The use of many devices actually divide up the signal bandwidth, and each device is supposed to be taking the portion at the time it is been used. Certainly, the more number of devices are been used, the more bandwidth of your Wi-Fi network is been divided and consumed.
Adding to this, there are some devices that really can’t support higher speed and that slow down the others as well. To know more of the speed that your particular device is consuming, look at the manual of the same or do a web search and check it via its model number.
Make sure to keep your home Wi-Fi password protected – Do remember the fact that the speed is been shared by all the devices on which your Wi-Fi is been used. Make the home Wi-Fi experience secure and not shared by others by keeping it password protected.
Keep your devices clean and away from the clutter – Do remember to keep all your devices clean by doing virus scans and up-to-date as per the latest updates along with keeping them away from all the clutter.
The devices that you are not using, do clear cookies, close browsers, and turn them off. If you need any help in how to clear cookies and else, feel free to do a web search.

Hope the information is useful to you all. Do follow these steps in order to not only control but also maximize your users’ home Wi-Fi experience. In case of any trouble related to Wi-Fi support solutions, do reach out a reliable and reckoned service provider like Heroes and Geeks, offering services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How to Enhance Your Home Wireless Network Security


Do you understand what a basic home wireless network means? In simple words, it depicts connecting the internet access point like a cable from your ISP to a wireless router in a way that could let multiple devices connect to the network efficiently.

The only approach that people take to secure their home wireless network is keeping it password protected but in this world of security breaches, it is mandatory to secure it more efficaciously. Here follows are few ways which you can think of executing while securing your home network.

• Change your default home network name – Changing the name of your home wireless network makes it difficult for people to understand which kind of router you are using. Do not disclose much information on the wireless network to stay away from any theft activity.

• Set a strong password – Do make sure to change the wireless default and access password only after the installation. A strong password must be minimal 20 characters long comprising letters, numbers and symbols.

• Boost security by activating network encryption – The wireless networks come with so many encryption languages like WPA, WEP, and WPA2. It is advisable to go for next generation wireless network encryption that helps in giving a boost to the security level as well as involves a wide range of features simplifying Wi-Fi security configuration for service providers and users.

• Turn off the home network when you are not using it – To enhance the security of your home network, it is highly recommended to turn off the network whenever you are away, not using or not at home. Turning off of your network helps in minimizing the chances to get hacked, brings calmness to your place and being damaged by power surges.

• The location of the router in your home – Do make sure to place the wireless router in the middle of the home as much as possible. It aids in providing equivalent access to all the rooms in terms of signal bandwidth and range.

• Change default IP address – By changing the default IP address of the wireless router, you can give a boost to the security of the home network. It makes it difficult for hackers to keep a track of the same. To do the same, there are instructions stated in the user manual of the router, so follow them step by step and change it.

• Turn off DHCP feature in router – Make sure to turn off the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) feature in the router, in which IP addresses are allocated to each specific device on a network. Rather, make use of a static address that is more secure.

• Disable remote access – By simply disabling the remote access of your wireless router, external parties won’t be able to access your device privacy settings. To do the change, feel free to do a web search for “Remote Administration or Remote Access”.

• Keep the router’s software up-to-date – In many wireless routers; there is not a function to auto update their software and users have to do the same manually. So, be aware of the updates, go to settings and keep it updated always to stay away from any kind of vulnerability or attack.

• Firewalls can secure home wireless network – Firewalls are available in hardware variety as well, along with being just used as software programs on your PCs. A hardware firewall adds one extra layer of security to the network. It also helps in safeguarding your system against virus and malware attacks.

In a shell, enhancing and securing the home wireless network should be everyone’s top notch priority. Above mentioned pointers are useful for even non techies and could be applied by them. Aside from this, do not ever forget that your wireless network security could be weak and simply prone to attacks. But make sure to follow the procedures to be secure at all time. In case of any concern or assistance, feel free to reach out a reliable Wi-Fi support service provider like Heroes and Geeks, which has a reputation in the industry for offering excellent Wi-Fi support services.

10 Ways to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi problems


When your home Wi-Fi slows down, your life seems to be stopped too. Everything from Alexa to Netflix to web browsers to work e-mails to social media stops responding, simply ruining the drive of your routine. There could be plenty of reasons altogether that keeps your Wi-Fi slowing down or failing like the router location, signal congestion, hardware limitations, firmware issues, your home physical size, etc.

Here follows is the top 10 ways through which you can not only fix your home Wi-Fi problems but also lower down the risk of connection breakdowns.

• Update router’s firmware – It helps on one side to be aware of the improvisations and additional features of the firmware’s new version and on the other, be up-to-date as per the security updates. Usually, everything from checking to downloading to reviewing to installing the updates is available on the administration page of the firmware.

• Check out for interferences – Routers and other devices often blend with airwaves and impact your Wi-Fi network. To get help in such issues, it is possible to devise Wi-Fi “heat” map using a free tool. Just for an example, an app Wi-Fi Analyzer could be used as a real time signal strength meter.

• Change channels – Feel free to change channel for your router and it is specifically helpful in case you are using that 2.4 GHz frequency. Shifting from one channel to other could often assist in speeding things up. For Android users, there are so many Wi-Fi scanning tools available and Network Analyzer is one of the widely preferred ones.

• Enable Quality of Service by putting guests/kids on their own network – There is a feature available on some of the routers ‘Quality of Service – QoS’, which helps in prioritizing traffic in accord to date type that is transmitted.

For guests/kids, parents can enable “Guest Network’ option that let them access data from a separate network and keep your files confidential too.

• Updated Router – If you are seeking for a new router, do make sure to go for advanced AC routers with dual or triple band functionalities, which could not be found in older routers. Also look for advanced features in them like MIMO – Multiple In Multiple Out, beamforming, Gigabit Ethernet ports, multiple USB 3.0 connectors, etc.

• Use a mesh Network – If you have a big sized house or an office, a mesh Wi-Fi network is indeed worth every penny. Unlike standard size Wi-Fi routers, these next generation mesh routers are designed in a way, supposed to be providing optimal Wi-Fi network coverage via multiple access points.

• Check your security – If your Wi-Fi network is open, no security is imbibed or it is using WEP, first of all do change the security setting at that time only. An open network leads to anyone using your Wi-Fi and it could be hacked too. The older protocols that were used and are insecure are TKIP and WPA and the secure level that must be opted is WPA2 with AES.

• Change location – The location of the router plays an important role in Wi-Fi network’s connectivity. Try to place it in close to the home’s center as much as possible and a bit elevated so that Wi-Fi connection could be free from any obstacle including other devices and furniture.

In case, your home is big enough in size and you are using only one router, you definitely require a boost in the number of routers for optimal Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.

• Select the right band – Do understand that Wi-Fi bands are not created equally. The B/G routers support 2.4 GHz spectrum, the newer ones support 5 GHz band and so. By enabling dual band capacity on newer routers, you can keep older devices supporting the slower specification as well as newer ones that work on speedier band capacity seamlessly.

• Reboot your router – Often, rebooting is all you need to do to fix the Wi-Fi problem. In case your Wi-Fi network is slow, unplug your router or cable for minimum 30 seconds, and then turn it on.

Is your Wi-Fi problem fixed by now? If still it is impacting your routine, do make sure to get in touch with a well known firm like Heroes and Geeks, who has been offering efficient and reliable Wi-Fi support services from years in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.