Things to Consider before Buying a Laptop

Laptops used to be heavy and expensive. A couple of thousands of dollars bought you a small screen with a chunky keyboard and a hard drive measured in mega bytes, not even giga bytes. Fortunately, the modern laptops are entirely different brutes that are faster, lighter in weight, cost effective and more versatile than ever. The wide variety available in laptops these days makes it a bit difficult for everyone to choose the right one.  The many options available include ultra light high end laptops such as Mac book air, very good quality game cards for gaming freaks, or laptops with very fast processors for the video editors and multitaskers. There are number of factors that should be taken into consideration before buying any laptop and some of them are mentioned in brief below.

  • CPU Processor – Unless you are one of those who need to run intensive and threaded applications on daily basis, you don’t require a quad core processor and will get your work done with a dual core CPU processor easily.
  • Voltage – For highly mobile users who spend most of their time and days stretching away from office and other outlets, it is recommended to get a low voltage processors.  This will lower your computing performance, but you will gain the benefit of a long battery and being wireless.
  • Keyboard/touchpad– Make sure to check the keypad of the laptop before purchasing. The keys could be cramped so make sure you find one you are comfortable with, try out the touchpad and mouse buttons to ensure you like how they feel.
  • Weight/Size- Make sure to purchase a light weighted laptop which you can carry on daily basis and commute easily. Unless you are looking to use the laptop for entertainment purposes, then you would want a large screen size.
  • Audio-Always check out the laptop’s audio system before purchasing, especially with entertainment minded desktop replacements featuring better and bigger sound.
  • Pixel Resolution– Always look for the good quality HD and don’t even think about owning a laptop that is unable to deliver 1080p video. High definition video on even the biggest size laptops looks great at 720 pixel resolution.
  • Graphics Card– For gaming applications, graphics matter a lot. And with gaming laptops and applications, you can spend more on the GPU rather than CPU.

These days, every person looks for the best quality and performance laptop.  Before purchasing a random laptop, know the reason you are buying it, is it for the purpose of entertainment, school/work, or for simply browsing the web. This will inform you and guide you to the right laptop for your needs. You can search online and research more about the specifications, size, positives and negatives of different brands of laptops and finally take a decision to buy one that best suits your need and budgetary constraints.

Stay tech savvy, my friends