Want to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life? Tips That Will Help!


Whether you are a business owner or a student or a professional, the likely chances are there that you rely much on your laptop. It is very much important to know of the ways through which you can actually extend your laptop battery life. The research depicts that an average laptop battery life lasts in between 1 to 6 hours after full charging. Do read on the following tips in case your laptop battery life is falling short of that.

Adjust the battery settings – With time, laptop batteries get weak and most of the manufacturers have battery performance settings. By going through these settings, there are options available through which you can minimize the power required for your laptop to perform peculiar functions. Just for an example, Mac users, options like Energy Saver Window is available to adjust performance preferences. Similarly, for Windows users, there is an option of battery performance slider to manage that. By doing this, it could really save a considerable time span for battery life.
Assess the applications – Likewise mobiles, laptops also run applications in the background. With many applications running continually in the background, the unnecessary power out of your laptop might be expending. The best way to stop it is to first go through all the downloaded applications of your laptop, and if you find any one of them then either, turn it off for the time you are not using or delete it.
Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – If you are not actively using the web browser, do consider shutting Wi-Fi off of your laptop. If you are working on some thesis or doing any activity on laptop that doesn’t require Wi-Fi then this pointer could really aid in saving much power. Similarly, Bluetooth could be another factor that is wasting your laptop’s battery life unnecessarily. If the activity you are doing doesn’t require any Bluetooth connection, simply turn it off. It indeed will save battery life. To quickly disable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a temporary basis, you can also turn on the “Airplane” mode.
The brightness of your laptop – In most of the laptops, there is an option to dim out the brightness on the screen as well as keyboard. If you are working in a brighter area, do dim out the light and intensity of your laptop. It will save not only your battery power of the laptop but also will not hurt your eyes.
Purchase a spare battery – It is always handy to have a spare battery with you as you will never know when it will be required. Do buy the spares from the manufacturers or reliable sources only. Many a times, even manufacturers sell spares with higher capacity range, distinct from the originals installed in your system. So, make sure to buy the spare battery as per the specifications of your laptop.

If you already followed all the tips and still is facing any concern with your laptop performance or battery life, this could be a sign that there is some other severe problem. To look for the solution with your laptop repair, wireless networking, remote support, network support, troubleshooting and computer repair services, feel free to contact Heroes and Geeks. It is one stop and reliable platform serving laptop repair and services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas from years.

Where to Repair HP, Dell, Acer, Sony & Toshiba Laptops in Los Angeles?

Laptops are useful tools in our lives, they are light and portable. We use them for work and school as well as entertainment. When shopping for a laptop it’s important to shop for something that has the specs that will benefit you for the purpose you will use the laptop for.

Laptopmag did a survey on which laptop brand is the best and worst for 2013, the laptop brands that they surveyed were the following: Acer, Apple, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba. They used seven categories to critic the general quality of the laptops. The categories were the  ease and navigation of the  touchpad/ keyboard, design and style of laptop, how innovative the laptops are, the ratings of tech support service, quality of the  display and audio, options of utilities and software and value and selection.

The results show Apple ranked number 1 for the past four years in a row and probably should not be in the competition due to the fact that it’s like comparing apples and oranges-pun intended. Lenovo laptops ranked second for the third year in a row and scored high in innovation and customer service. Asus jumped up in ranking from last year’s 5th place to this years 3rd place with top marks in innovation .HP landed in fourth place and Samsung in 5th place. The poor ranking laptop brands were Acer, Dell, Sony and Toshiba In last place. Toshiba scored very badly in innovative category and design category as well as having poor tech support service which made it the worst laptop brand for 2013. Use the findings of this survey as a guide of what qualities to look for in a laptop.

When shopping for a laptop, keep in mind what you will use it for and what features you prefer, that way you can find the right laptop for your purpose. Things to consider are:

  • How portable do you want  your laptop , do you want to take it everywhere you go, if so you should consider  laptops that transform into tablets.
  • If you plan on using your laptop for watching TV shows and streaming movies online, then a large display would be a feature you search for.
  • If you are a gamer, than you should look for a computer with a good quality video card.
  • Do you use photoshop on a regular basis, if so then you want your laptop to have lots of RAM.
  • If you like being wireless, a strong battery life is an important feature

All laptop brands no matter if they are the best or not will break down with regular use and human errors. Laptop repairs can be easy and painless if you shop around. There are many places to chose from to repair your laptops, you have national repair services such as Best Buy, who have techs that don’t know much just follow a manual and then you have small independent repair services that have years of experience like Heroes and Geeks Computer repair in Los Angeles. Both repair shops will get the job done, but the giant company will rob you for repairs and Heroes and Geeks charges fairly with quality service. The best way to avoid repairs is not buying the most expensive laptop but to take good care of it.

Stay tech savvy, my friends.