Computer virus Removal Los Angeles- Beware of the FBI Money -Pak Ransomware Virus- FBI Virus

Today at the Heroes and Geeks office, we had several customers who had their laptops hacked and infected with a scary virus. One of our customers even called the police because she was scared by the malicious software that used her webcam to take a flash photo of her. The virus poses as the official FBI web page, takes a flash photo of you with your webcam and freezes your computer until you pay the ransom money to unlock your frozen computer.

The FBI Money -Pak Ransomware also referred to the FBI virus is an evil scam and please don’t fall for it. It is a very convincing virus that looks official with the FBI seal and claims that you owe money to the FBI due to illegal downloading of copyrighted materials from various websites.  It can be a shocking and frightening experience if you are not aware of this virus.  It’s important to tell friends and family of this terrible virus so they can stay calm and handle it and not fall victim to the scam. This FBI virus and other similar ransomware virus’ regarding the FBI have been around since 2012. The FBI has stated that they don’t send unsolicited emails to the public and to not click on the FBI embedded link so you won’t contract the malicious software.

Features of the FBI Virus include:

  • Freezing your computer system and not allowing the user to access their desktop or internet.
  • A pop up of a fake FBI page that threatens jail time if fine is not paid
  • Display of an alert message demanding you owe the FBI money for illegal downloads
  • A flash photo taken of you with your webcam

Like many other viruses the FBI virus is being spread by websites that have been hacked, through emails as well as social media links.  Having current anti-virus software installed on your computer is a good way to protect yourself from such viruses and malware. It’s also important to continually update your antivirus software throughout the period you have it installed on your computer. Antivirus softwares have updates to be one step ahead of the hackers.

Heroes and Geeks provides great computer virus removal in Los Angeles. We handle all types of malicious software just like the FBI Virus.  We are available 24/7 so whatever time of day you get a computer virus we can help you remove it and save your computer. Protect yourself from cyber scams and let us help you install antivirus so you will save yourself from a virus headache.

Stay tech savvy, my friends.

How to Prevent and Remove Computer Virus and Malware

What is a Computer Virus and Malware?

At one point in time if you’ve ever used a computer you have encountered a computer virus or malware of some sort. Just like a human virus copies itself and spreads, a computer virus or malware is a harmful software that spreads by duplicating itself and attaching to other programs and computers. What many people don’t know is that there are several different types of infections that are categorized under malware, which stands for malicious software. These varying computer viruses and malware softwares are created by virus authors who are in the same category as an arsonist or a vandal, they don’t really have a goal for creating the harmful software other than practicing their programming skills and being a menace.

A few Types of Viruses and Malware:

Trojan Horse– is a malicious software that hides in disguise as a real program.

Spyware– spys on your internet activity and changes your computer configuration and it installs on your computer without your knowledge.

Rogue security software– this is a tricky malware that has the user interact. This software has the user think they have an infection and then prompts them to buy and download antivirus. It can cause certain programs on your computer from opening.

Worm– Worms cause unstable computer and network problems. They are a computer code spread through email attachments and don’t require user interaction to spread..

Symptoms of an infection:

Some signs that indicate you have a computer virus or malware include:

  • Very Slow Computer
  • Constant display of pop- up ads windows
  • Random PC Reboots
  • Displaying unknown Error pop-up windows


How to remove a computer virus:

In order to remove a computer virus you will need to have the most up to date anti-virus software installed on your computer. There are several kinds of anti-virus software available, some are free and some are commercial anti-virus programs which have a short free trial period that allows you to scan and clean your computer. A few of these antivirus programs include; ESET Nod32, AVG, Norton, Bitdefender, and Microsoft Security Essentials. For extra security measures you can install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware, and SuperAntispyware. These programs are excellent for scanning your computer and finding the latest malicious software that the most common anti-virus programs miss.

How to prevent computer viruses:

Prevention is the best protection against computer virus and malware. First and foremost have the latest Antivirus program installed on your computer. Secondly, be cautious on the web, only download programs from trustworthy websites, be cautious of popular sites that allow free music and movie file-sharing programs, and when reading emails, keep your contact list current and only open messages from people you know. Also, turn on Firewall, and keep your computer up to date. Follow these preventions and your computer will be infectious free.

Stay tech savvy, my friends.