Why Onsite Computer Support is a Convenient Service

Businesses are becoming more and more mobile these days, there are restaurants on wheels as well as boutique stores, so it’s no surprise that computer repair services are also going that route.  Below are a few points of how onsite computer repairs and support benefit the customer, whether it’s at their home or business, it is a very convenient service.

No Waiting/Same day service- When you take your computer to a repair shop, you have to wait in line until you receive service. Then you have to leave your computer and wait for them to repair it, and depending on the service it can take a couple days before you have your computer back. The benefit of onsite computer support is all that waiting time is eliminated and you and your computer problem becomes the priority of the technician.

All Services available– Any service you would receive at a computer repair store, you can receive onsite too. If you have a virus infected computer, the tech can remove it with a software. If you need to set-up your network, a tech will have all the tools to connect and hook up modems.  Even if you need to replace a hardware such as an LCD screen or a exhaust fan, a tech can replace those things just as long as they can find the inventory.

Saves your time- You don’t have to commute to find a repair store. You will also save time by receiving same day service, you won’t have to leave your computer on a shelf and wait for the computer technicians to get to it. When you schedule an appointment for onsite repairs, you will be serviced

No Extra Charge- Most computer techs don’t charge you extra to provide this service. The cost is the same as if you were going to a repair store. Which makes it a great benefit because there are no hidden fees for the convenience

Convenience-The above mentioned points describe how convenient onsite computer support is for the customer. The onsite repairs are done in the comfort of your home or business, which means less work for you.

At Heroes and Geeks computer repair services in Los Angeles, we provide onsite repairs for our customers. We provide onsite computer support in all major Los Angeles county cities such as Culver City, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Pasadena.  We want to make computer repairs easy and convenient for customers.

Stay tech savvy, my friends

Best Computer Repair Store in Los Angeles

What makes a computer repair store the best? Heroes and Geeks computer repair store in Los Angeles, lists the top five qualities that a computer repair store should provide for the best service.


Probably the most important quality that results in having the best computer repair store is the business’ integrity. When you drop off your computer to a stranger you want to trust them, not only to fix the problem but also to protect your privacy. We put our lives on our computers with pictures, work projects, and important documents, thats why it’s important to find a computer repair store that has high moral values. Heroes and Geeks computer repair store values each and everyone of their customers and sticks to a strict moral code to protect the privacy of the customer.

24/7 Availability:

Computer problems can occur any time without any notice. Most computer repair stores don’t offer open doors 24/7, which can hinder your service needs if you need service instantly. If your computer has a time sensitive problem such as water damage or your work hours are graveyard hours, it’s important to find a computer repair service that’s always available around the clock. Heroes and Geeks is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for all your technology needs and unpredictable computer problems.

Remote service capability:

Heroes and Geeks also provides Online Remote Service for your convenience. Most software related problems can be fixed remotely. No need to take your computer to a shop or schedule an on-site technician visit. Since we can work on more than one computer at a time when we are working remotely, we pass the cost savings on to you, which saves you time and money. You can watch while we service your computer. Lots of clients say they learn a lot from watching us. They enjoy it. Maybe you will too.

Service Delivery:

Sometimes it can be inconvenient to go out of the house and drop off your computer to get it repaired. That’s why we offer onsite service. Most upgrades, repairs, maintenance, and some troubleshooting can be performed on-site. This delivery of services can be either at home or your office. Heroes and Geeks offers an affordable cost of just $35 to come to your location in Los Angeles and neighboring cities.

Wide range of services:

Just like having a handyman for all of your household needs is a blessing, so is having a go to computer repair service shop. Finding a computer repair service that provides you with a wide range of computer services is a life saver. Every time you have a new computer problem or a technology need, you won’t have to research to find a new computer service shop that specializes in that service. Heroes and Geeks in Los Angeles provides the following services and more.

  • Computer Repairs
  • Laptop Repairs
  • Apple & Mac Repairs
  • Onsite Computer Repair
  • Computer Training
  • Wireless Networking
  • Technology Consultation
  • Printer Setup
  • Computer Setup
  • Install Software
  • Home Network Setup
  • Virus Removal
  • Setup Email
  • Install OS
  • Backup and Restore
  • Clean Your Computer
  • Make Computer Faster
  • Transfer Files to New Computer
  • Install Computer Hardware
  • Cellphone Repairs
  • Web design services
  • Ecommerce setup
  • Graphics design
  • SEO promotion
  • Recycle old/used computers/parts
  • Security Camera installation

These five qualities of a computer repair store make for the best service possible.  If you want peace of mind next time your computer malfunctions, then call Heroes and Geeks to get a worry free, affordable and convenient computer repair.

Stay tech savvy, my friends.

Computer Repairs: Get Technology Serviced on Time

Technology serves you from time to time, making life easier. Be it giving you some data or entertainment on time, technology is always there for you. From computers to internet to mobiles, the world has grown tech-savvy in many ways. Most of you would wonder how people worked when there was no Microsoft in the world, writing documents manually is unimaginable. It’s hard to believe there was a time when people communicated without the internet or cell phone. It is indeed strange how fast humans have become accustomed to the existence of technology, we can’t imagine living without it.

When it comes to technology and computers one has to maintain it to sustain it. The way technology serves us, it is our duty to serve technology every now and then. If you have a computer at home, it is very necessary to perform a regular clean-up of the registry files and other details on the computer. This would enable a faster service and make technology serve you better. The cleaner your computer remains, the faster it would work. As with every technology, computers undergo major issues sometimes.

Whenever you feel your computer is not working, it is better to go to the computer repairs store and get it diagnosed. At times, you might feel too lazy to go out and, get it serviced. But, remember if the problem is sorted out at the earliest, it won’t magnify into a major issue. The repair store has experienced techs who offer help right from diagnosing the problem to solving it. They would walk you through the major problems you might be facing with your computer. One common issue that most computers face is irregular servicing and clean-up.

Once the problem is diagnosed, the solutions are offered to you by the techs at the repair store. The solutions offered include the rate quoted for each of the solution. You need to figure out the solution that works best in the budget you are keen to work-out for your computer.

At the computer repairs there may be issues that the techs would claim as impossible to solve or to damaged. In such cases you would have no option but to get a new computer. Make sure before you choose a solution being offered, you have asked a few questions to the person who is handling your computer. If there is a solution, you should know the cost of the solution. The quoted price would be a rough one. Sometimes there can be a huge mismatch in the quoted price and actual price. So, make sure before choosing the solution you are aware of the exact price. You should also be aware of the exact number of days that the techs would take to repair your computer.

Hidden costs are the troubles of the present times. Make sure you enquire about the hidden costs if any. Unless you are aware of the exact nature of the problem and solution and also the cost of the whole work needed to be done, do not agree to the service. Servicing your computer regularly can prevent it from failing on you when you need it most.

Stay tech savvy, my friends.