Ways to Boost up your Wi-Fi Connection Speed

Have a Wi-Fi connection but it is running slow than expected? Well, there are few tricks that can really help to boost and improvise the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, no matter whichever operating system you have been using. Apart from this, in many cases it is also recommended to seek computer repair service providers that can help in issues related to Wi-Fi and networking. Heroes and Geeks is one platform on which you can rely upon anytime in Los Angeles.

  • Use one internet program at once – People don’t realize that all sorts of programs like MSN, Skype take up bigger amounts of Wi-Fi bandwidth so, make sure to run one at once. It is important to close down the programs that are not in use as they will be slowing your system speed and affecting connection down. In general, Wi-Fi connections have a specific level of bandwidth and if you are using too many programs in order to consistently fetch the same data, you will just end up in slowing down your entire connection speed.
  • Download and install the latest drivers – It is vital to install latest drivers in your computer system as they are means that help windows to run hardware on it. Required for every component to work and operate effectively on your system, if you want your wireless connection to run as fast as possible, than look for the latest drivers download, read the instruction carefully and install them.
  • Upgrade your router or card – If you have a computer, try to upgrade your Wi-Fi card to ‘N’ type and router that supports N speed format as, these are known to be the network that easily run on 100 mb/s over wireless connections and that is extremely fast.
  • Secure your connection with a key – Many people avoid and consider it very unnecessary to leave their networks exposed to unwanted people by not protecting it. Put a WPA key that is more of a password that allow you and family members only to use the connection.
  • Clean registry – It is one of the widest recommendation pieces of advice give by people as it works most of the times. Registry keeps a track of your computer information, software, most visited and accessed websites, latest e-mails, files, desktop icons and more. Sometimes, windows save some of the files in a wrong way making them inaccessible and unreadable causing computer Wi-Fi connection to run slow. So, download a registry cleaner, use the software and speed up your system.

The computer repair service providers make sure to undergo each of this procedure to boost up the speed of your Wi-Fi connection, so make sure to get in touch with Heroes and Geeks as the platform not only costs you little but saves your work and helps your computer system speed to run in a better way.