Want to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life? Tips That Will Help!


Whether you are a business owner or a student or a professional, the likely chances are there that you rely much on your laptop. It is very much important to know of the ways through which you can actually extend your laptop battery life. The research depicts that an average laptop battery life lasts in between 1 to 6 hours after full charging. Do read on the following tips in case your laptop battery life is falling short of that.

Adjust the battery settings – With time, laptop batteries get weak and most of the manufacturers have battery performance settings. By going through these settings, there are options available through which you can minimize the power required for your laptop to perform peculiar functions. Just for an example, Mac users, options like Energy Saver Window is available to adjust performance preferences. Similarly, for Windows users, there is an option of battery performance slider to manage that. By doing this, it could really save a considerable time span for battery life.
Assess the applications – Likewise mobiles, laptops also run applications in the background. With many applications running continually in the background, the unnecessary power out of your laptop might be expending. The best way to stop it is to first go through all the downloaded applications of your laptop, and if you find any one of them then either, turn it off for the time you are not using or delete it.
Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – If you are not actively using the web browser, do consider shutting Wi-Fi off of your laptop. If you are working on some thesis or doing any activity on laptop that doesn’t require Wi-Fi then this pointer could really aid in saving much power. Similarly, Bluetooth could be another factor that is wasting your laptop’s battery life unnecessarily. If the activity you are doing doesn’t require any Bluetooth connection, simply turn it off. It indeed will save battery life. To quickly disable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a temporary basis, you can also turn on the “Airplane” mode.
The brightness of your laptop – In most of the laptops, there is an option to dim out the brightness on the screen as well as keyboard. If you are working in a brighter area, do dim out the light and intensity of your laptop. It will save not only your battery power of the laptop but also will not hurt your eyes.
Purchase a spare battery – It is always handy to have a spare battery with you as you will never know when it will be required. Do buy the spares from the manufacturers or reliable sources only. Many a times, even manufacturers sell spares with higher capacity range, distinct from the originals installed in your system. So, make sure to buy the spare battery as per the specifications of your laptop.

If you already followed all the tips and still is facing any concern with your laptop performance or battery life, this could be a sign that there is some other severe problem. To look for the solution with your laptop repair, wireless networking, remote support, network support, troubleshooting and computer repair services, feel free to contact Heroes and Geeks. It is one stop and reliable platform serving laptop repair and services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas from years.

Control and Optimize Your Users’ Home Wi-Fi Experience!


In this technological world, wireless is a significant service needed by everyone. In case, it goes out, it feels like everything has been put on a halt. This is the prime reason to wonder that so many organizations and businesses still trust on unauthentic and out-of-date wireless networks supporting their users’, employees and customers.

In any business, if something is pretty much important than it is the user experience. The quality and performance of your Wi-Fi network plays a pivotal role in ascertaining how much personal and productive that experience is for the users. Here, below mentioned are the pointers focusing on apt Wi-Fi planning, and how to optimize your users’ home Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi network in your home – The physical obstacles like appliances or walls could really impact the speed and performance of your Wi-Fi. To make the optimal use of Wi-Fi and enrich your home experience, make sure to minimize the number of obstacles in between and be nearest to the devices like router or modem.

Shift nearer to Wi-Fi router device – The place where router is located is pretty much important. So many people keep the device in an attic or a basement or like the arenas from where it is very much difficult to get the wireless signal strength.

Do make sure to put it at the centre of the home, or somewhere up in the floor in home from where it could be better to reach out to the signal strength in an optimal manner.

Have a look at all the devices – The use of many devices actually divide up the signal bandwidth, and each device is supposed to be taking the portion at the time it is been used. Certainly, the more number of devices are been used, the more bandwidth of your Wi-Fi network is been divided and consumed.
Adding to this, there are some devices that really can’t support higher speed and that slow down the others as well. To know more of the speed that your particular device is consuming, look at the manual of the same or do a web search and check it via its model number.
Make sure to keep your home Wi-Fi password protected – Do remember the fact that the speed is been shared by all the devices on which your Wi-Fi is been used. Make the home Wi-Fi experience secure and not shared by others by keeping it password protected.
Keep your devices clean and away from the clutter – Do remember to keep all your devices clean by doing virus scans and up-to-date as per the latest updates along with keeping them away from all the clutter.
The devices that you are not using, do clear cookies, close browsers, and turn them off. If you need any help in how to clear cookies and else, feel free to do a web search.

Hope the information is useful to you all. Do follow these steps in order to not only control but also maximize your users’ home Wi-Fi experience. In case of any trouble related to Wi-Fi support solutions, do reach out a reliable and reckoned service provider like Heroes and Geeks, offering services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How to Enhance Your Home Wireless Network Security


Do you understand what a basic home wireless network means? In simple words, it depicts connecting the internet access point like a cable from your ISP to a wireless router in a way that could let multiple devices connect to the network efficiently.

The only approach that people take to secure their home wireless network is keeping it password protected but in this world of security breaches, it is mandatory to secure it more efficaciously. Here follows are few ways which you can think of executing while securing your home network.

• Change your default home network name – Changing the name of your home wireless network makes it difficult for people to understand which kind of router you are using. Do not disclose much information on the wireless network to stay away from any theft activity.

• Set a strong password – Do make sure to change the wireless default and access password only after the installation. A strong password must be minimal 20 characters long comprising letters, numbers and symbols.

• Boost security by activating network encryption – The wireless networks come with so many encryption languages like WPA, WEP, and WPA2. It is advisable to go for next generation wireless network encryption that helps in giving a boost to the security level as well as involves a wide range of features simplifying Wi-Fi security configuration for service providers and users.

• Turn off the home network when you are not using it – To enhance the security of your home network, it is highly recommended to turn off the network whenever you are away, not using or not at home. Turning off of your network helps in minimizing the chances to get hacked, brings calmness to your place and being damaged by power surges.

• The location of the router in your home – Do make sure to place the wireless router in the middle of the home as much as possible. It aids in providing equivalent access to all the rooms in terms of signal bandwidth and range.

• Change default IP address – By changing the default IP address of the wireless router, you can give a boost to the security of the home network. It makes it difficult for hackers to keep a track of the same. To do the same, there are instructions stated in the user manual of the router, so follow them step by step and change it.

• Turn off DHCP feature in router – Make sure to turn off the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) feature in the router, in which IP addresses are allocated to each specific device on a network. Rather, make use of a static address that is more secure.

• Disable remote access – By simply disabling the remote access of your wireless router, external parties won’t be able to access your device privacy settings. To do the change, feel free to do a web search for “Remote Administration or Remote Access”.

• Keep the router’s software up-to-date – In many wireless routers; there is not a function to auto update their software and users have to do the same manually. So, be aware of the updates, go to settings and keep it updated always to stay away from any kind of vulnerability or attack.

• Firewalls can secure home wireless network – Firewalls are available in hardware variety as well, along with being just used as software programs on your PCs. A hardware firewall adds one extra layer of security to the network. It also helps in safeguarding your system against virus and malware attacks.

In a shell, enhancing and securing the home wireless network should be everyone’s top notch priority. Above mentioned pointers are useful for even non techies and could be applied by them. Aside from this, do not ever forget that your wireless network security could be weak and simply prone to attacks. But make sure to follow the procedures to be secure at all time. In case of any concern or assistance, feel free to reach out a reliable Wi-Fi support service provider like Heroes and Geeks, which has a reputation in the industry for offering excellent Wi-Fi support services.

10 Ways to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi problems


When your home Wi-Fi slows down, your life seems to be stopped too. Everything from Alexa to Netflix to web browsers to work e-mails to social media stops responding, simply ruining the drive of your routine. There could be plenty of reasons altogether that keeps your Wi-Fi slowing down or failing like the router location, signal congestion, hardware limitations, firmware issues, your home physical size, etc.

Here follows is the top 10 ways through which you can not only fix your home Wi-Fi problems but also lower down the risk of connection breakdowns.

• Update router’s firmware – It helps on one side to be aware of the improvisations and additional features of the firmware’s new version and on the other, be up-to-date as per the security updates. Usually, everything from checking to downloading to reviewing to installing the updates is available on the administration page of the firmware.

• Check out for interferences – Routers and other devices often blend with airwaves and impact your Wi-Fi network. To get help in such issues, it is possible to devise Wi-Fi “heat” map using a free tool. Just for an example, an app Wi-Fi Analyzer could be used as a real time signal strength meter.

• Change channels – Feel free to change channel for your router and it is specifically helpful in case you are using that 2.4 GHz frequency. Shifting from one channel to other could often assist in speeding things up. For Android users, there are so many Wi-Fi scanning tools available and Network Analyzer is one of the widely preferred ones.

• Enable Quality of Service by putting guests/kids on their own network – There is a feature available on some of the routers ‘Quality of Service – QoS’, which helps in prioritizing traffic in accord to date type that is transmitted.

For guests/kids, parents can enable “Guest Network’ option that let them access data from a separate network and keep your files confidential too.

• Updated Router – If you are seeking for a new router, do make sure to go for advanced AC routers with dual or triple band functionalities, which could not be found in older routers. Also look for advanced features in them like MIMO – Multiple In Multiple Out, beamforming, Gigabit Ethernet ports, multiple USB 3.0 connectors, etc.

• Use a mesh Network – If you have a big sized house or an office, a mesh Wi-Fi network is indeed worth every penny. Unlike standard size Wi-Fi routers, these next generation mesh routers are designed in a way, supposed to be providing optimal Wi-Fi network coverage via multiple access points.

• Check your security – If your Wi-Fi network is open, no security is imbibed or it is using WEP, first of all do change the security setting at that time only. An open network leads to anyone using your Wi-Fi and it could be hacked too. The older protocols that were used and are insecure are TKIP and WPA and the secure level that must be opted is WPA2 with AES.

• Change location – The location of the router plays an important role in Wi-Fi network’s connectivity. Try to place it in close to the home’s center as much as possible and a bit elevated so that Wi-Fi connection could be free from any obstacle including other devices and furniture.

In case, your home is big enough in size and you are using only one router, you definitely require a boost in the number of routers for optimal Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.

• Select the right band – Do understand that Wi-Fi bands are not created equally. The B/G routers support 2.4 GHz spectrum, the newer ones support 5 GHz band and so. By enabling dual band capacity on newer routers, you can keep older devices supporting the slower specification as well as newer ones that work on speedier band capacity seamlessly.

• Reboot your router – Often, rebooting is all you need to do to fix the Wi-Fi problem. In case your Wi-Fi network is slow, unplug your router or cable for minimum 30 seconds, and then turn it on.

Is your Wi-Fi problem fixed by now? If still it is impacting your routine, do make sure to get in touch with a well known firm like Heroes and Geeks, who has been offering efficient and reliable Wi-Fi support services from years in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Slow Wi-Fi in The Office? 6 Common Enterprise Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

6 Common Enterprise Wi-Fi Problems and How to Fix Them

Wi-Fi is a necessity in this technological world as everything from communication to data management to strategic planning to digitalization, depends on an authentic wireless network set up and connection. In case, Wi-Fi is slow, it could make wonder anyone that how that office is functioning without good signal strength. This is the prime reason that Wi-Fi performance should be fast, secure and reliable. Here follows is the commonest Wi-Fi issues that an enterprise could face, along with the solutions to tackle them with.

1. Outmoded Hardware – The pace at which technology is been evolving these days, wireless hardware network becomes out-of-date after mere 3 to 5 years. If you have installed your Wi-Fi network from a couple of years and you have been experiencing slower internet connection speed, it could be one of the reasons.

With the rise in the number of people in your network and business, it is the need of the hour to buy new hardware. Also, an experienced IT tech can help in avoiding the fuss of an outmoded hardware network, will always let your network stay updated and as per the technology.

2. Out-of-date Firmware – As important as it is to have the right hardware, it is equally significant to keep it up-to-date as well. Firmware updates and enhancements come with improvisations like enhanced standards, bug fixes and others that assist in optimizing how users along with devices could interact well with the access points.

Out-of-date firmware could result in slower connectivity speed for applications and devices, thus it is mandatory to keep them updated.

3. Inapt hardware – It could be mind boggling to buy the right hardware products and the number of quantities for your office space. To fetch best Wi-Fi results in terms of connection and speed, it is vital to implement the right number of controllers, access points, switches and firewalls.

You definitely will not want to spend much on that is not is worthy at all. Many access points could also create inapt load balancing, co-channel interference, etc. Always buy the right hardware by consulting with a reckoned IT tech company.

4. Wrong installation – If you got the right hardware and configured it properly, this is not the only thing to do consider for. There are few factors that should always be considered before implementing your network.

Like, do make sure that all access point types pinpoint in the right direction ensuring optimal connectivity. It is even advisable to always seek guidance from an expert to get the most of your equipment.

5. Bad configuration – There are few factors that should always be considered while programming and deployment of your hardware, otherwise they can lead to slow Wi-Fi speed and efficacy. Like, if you have a big office space with so many floors, big sized windows, you need a complex network with several access points and they require to be programmed to distinct channels so that they can operate smoothly.

Co-channelling could really impact multiple access points, their performance and lead all of them to function less efficaciously. The efficient way is to configure several networks for different users like guest networks and access controls that will optimize network usage as well as assure faster Wi-Fi connectivity performance.

6. Non availability of a professional IT guy – If you have an in-house IT professional, he is definitely an asset. If you don’t have, then it could be a hassle to handle your network and troubleshoot concerns when they happen.

The best way to stay on top of the efficacy and Wi-Fi performance is to opt for managed tech network services. They not only provide round the clock monitoring, but also send weekly and monthly basis health reports highlighting threats, updates and more.

Hope the information is useful and knowledgeable to all. To always stay up-to-date with your hardware, firmware and their configuration, do seek services from a well known and reliable service provider dealing into Wi-Fi support services. Heroes and Geeks is one of them that is offering excellent and efficient Wi-Fi support and related services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What to Do If Your Internet Connection Isn’t Working


In this technological era, everyone depends on their internet connection, whether it is related to staying updated with the news, or watch movies or seasons, or meet work ends or anything else. So in case your internet connection is not working, it is obvious to feel like an alien in a completely different world and everything stops for that moment.

Troubleshooting of your internet connection could be fixed and to do this simply read on the following tips to get it back in order.

1- Try to connect on a different device – First of all, try to connect your internet on a different device like tablet or Smartphone, and in case it connects, then it means that the problem is with your computer system.

a) In case the problem is with your computer system, do follow the steps. Firstly, make sure the Wi-Fi of your computer system is on. Make it switch off and on again.
b) If still, problem persists then reboot your computer system.
c) If still, internet connection is giving you problems then go to network preferences, and check whether you have signed on the right network or not. Enter in the password carefully one more time.
d) The connectivity concerns could be because of weak signal strength. Have a look at the bars on the right hand side of your system, and if there are few bars, try to shift a bit closer to the router and try again.
e) Try and run the network diagnostics if the problem still is not solved, follow steps as been depicted by the set up wizard.
f) Turn off your firewall on a temporary basis and try to get online afterwards. If it gets connected, there is something wrong with the firewall. Do contact the technical support to know about the issues and without firewall security, the system is open for malware and virus attacks.

2- Check your internet connection – Try to have a look at your Wi-Fi icon on your system and see whether it is connected to your network or not. If it is connected, then internet could be the issue and if it is not connected, then Wi-Fi or Internet could be giving lack of access. At any stage, you can troubleshoot your computer system. If that highlights no outcomes, the problem could be with the modem or router.

3- Check your Router/Modem – Before doing anything else, restart your router/modem. Do follow these steps while restarting it.
a) Unplug it from the power source.
b) If your router/modem has a battery backup, do remove the batteries temporarily.
c) Wait for few seconds.
d) Plug in back into power source. If you have removed batteries, put them on.

In case, the problem is still giving you chills, this is the time to take out the user manual of your router/modem and understand what each icon depicts for. The attention needs to be paid to that icon that is meant for connecting internet. If the light is off, then Wi-Fi is indeed not channelling the internet connection. If the light is on, the internet service is not working as required.

4- Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network – Keep your router/modem in an open space. Also, keep it away from any sort of clutter and make sure that signal strength is not getting compromised at all. Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi and if this not works, this is the time to move to a new step.

5- Give a call to the service provider – This is the last step and your service provider could ask you different things to function at this stage. The best way is to do what they are asking you to do for, follow the instructions and let the operator know consistently about the status. In most of the cases, coordinating with the operator helps to get back to your internet connection.

In all, internet issues happen and they leave you frustrated for a time being but contacting a reliable service provider could resolve all the issues in no time. Heroes and Geeks is one of them providing Wi-Fi support services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Why Small Business Need Tech Support Managed Services Today More Than Ever?


In accord to recent reports, there is a highlight towards the growing importance of particularly small business and mid size business owners embracing the tech support managed services. The positives cited in them for adopting tech support managed services include lowered IT costs, reduced operational risk, boost in the operational performance and sped up innovation.

‘Managed Services’ is a broader term used for IT services proffered to your business by an external party. Your MSP – Managed Service Provider remotely handles and manages the overall IT infrastructure, end user systems and actively fixes problems, if occurs with your systems.

The Services could vary from business to business, depending on their requirement and type of service they are seeking for. The common services that are opted by SMBs – Small and Medium sized business owners involve the following:

• Network security
Data backup
• Help desk support
• Disaster recovery
• Hardware maintenance
• Server management
Remote network monitoring
• Server security
• IT planning
• Custom software solutions
• IT implementation

People might think that managed services are only meant to be for big sized businesses but it has been revealed that small and medium sized businesses benefits the most. And this is the reason that these days, there has been a tremendous rise in the number of small business service providers who are adopting them with the need. There are so many benefits that they can gain by using a tech support managed service provider like:

• Limit downtime.
• Be aware of the changing technology.
• Act as a proactive in meeting with technology related trends and challenges.
• Manage their operational expenses in an efficient way.
• Do Advanced IT planning by coordinating with them.
• With the proper knowledge base, could control IT costs, labour costs and others.

One of the prominent aspects of managed services is that, it is not like something that says one size will fit all. There are plenty of businesses running across a wide variety of industries and each one of them requires different things in their business as per the requirement. Every business can go for custom made service agreement devised to meet their prerequisites via managed service provider.

Prior to the introduction of tech support managed services, businesses without proper IT staff were able to address only on the IT concerns when something gets broken and need to be fixed. With the evolution of technology, issues such as network security, disaster recovery, data security and backup have actually become more and more significant and businesses are actually recognizing the need for the execution.

In a shell, there is simply much more to IT than simply handling the problems when they arise. With the use of managed services, so many aspects are within reach like protection of operational processes and data, awareness of updated technology, improvised employee productivity, etc. and that had driven small business in recent few years to opt for managed services more and more.

Thinking how to Remove Spyware and Viruses from your Computer


These days, computer worms, viruses and spywares have been affecting and infecting computers at a speedy pace. Usually transferred through internet by internet chat, e-mail, network sharing files or other mediums, they could impact the existing data and files available on a computer system. Are you seeking online assistance of computer repair experts that can help you with virus and spyware removal promptly from your system? In today’s technological and computerized world, where almost each work procedure is driven by the online data transfer, it becomes significant and mandatory to keep a check on the security in order to protect the integrity, authenticity and confidentiality of information transfer. The more use of internet is there, likely chances are there to get more viruses, spywares, worms and malwares especially if there is no virus removal software installed on the system.

Though, there are many service providers online claiming to have superior and premier versions of virus and spyware protection programs but it is equally important to be aware of the scams. Many of them are just known as low quality scanners that are not capable to remove or detect any kind of flaws whereas some of them are malware themselves feigned as PC protection programs. Having a good and useful virus removal tool and antivirus program is important to download in your computer system if you want all your sensitive data and information to be safe and secure. Such viruses and computer worms lend several negative effects on your system as they consume up a lot of memory space and force the system to run very slowly. Another bigger disadvantage that they can do is deactivate the firewall and slows down the security feature of the system. It actually creates an escape for hackers and unauthorized people to gain access and steal confidential and sensitive data from the users including the user names and passwords.

In case, you suspect that your computer system is getting impacted from such parasites, first of all you should download and install virus removal software and sign off the internet. It actually assures that no sensitive data or information could be transferred out of the web platform and prevents the virus, spywares and malwares from spreading on to other platforms including e-mail lists and messenger. If you are seeking virus, malware, spyware help, look for Heroes and Geeks technically sound and expert’s assistance and support in Los Angeles and that too in affordable pricing. We are being skilled and specialized in repairing computer problems, fixing them, and provide immediate solutions to the problems. Offering a large array of services including computer repair services, installing software, virus removal, installing operating system, clean your computer, backup and restore, remote support and more, the one stop platform to avail everything at competitive pricing.

Looking for the Best and Expert Computer Technician in Los Angeles


Looking online the best and experienced computer repair service provider in Los Angeles? When you need computer support, repair and maintenance related assistance in Los Angeles; this is for sure that not just any firm will do. Everyone used to offer different levels of services and it could be difficult and a bit troubling to tell the good ones amongst all service providers claiming to render their best. There are few things that you can consider while evaluating and exploring them online. First of all, look for your budget as if you are a bit on tight schedule, look for the service provider that proffers its initial consultation at reasonable charges. And do not go for signing up a long term contract, in fact try to go for the one that provides services on monthly basis so that you can be sure of their services and if feel satisfied with the same then go for the longer term sign up.

Always remember to check out and explore more about their support assistance, repair services and everything. If possible talk directly with the concerned person instead of on e-mails or chat. Another thing you can look for is to check out that the company has the knowledge, expertise and experience to support your hardware or software. The service provider must have skilled and talented pool of technicians who can handle technical as well as non technical glitches in a hassle free way and without panicking. Adding to this, try to go for the one that provides computer support services and solutions throughout the Los Angeles covering Eagle Rock, West Los Angeles, Culver City, Monrovia, Studio City, South Pasadena, Vernon, Silver Lake, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Hollywood, Monterey Park, and more. Wondering how it would be possible to find a company that provides services including everything in Los Angeles? Well, the interesting part is that the company is there that provides everything and has several years of experience in the computer service and repair industry and that is Heroes and Geeks.

Based in Los Angeles, we are offering comprehensive services and package for all your computer and technology requirements and that too for both Mac and Windows. No matter, if it is about Apple and Mac repair, laptop repairs, on-site computer repair, virus and spyware removal, computer hookup, computer set up, computer tune-up, data backup or transfer, data recovery, e-mail setup, hardware install, hardware repair, operating system install, printer set up, printer troubleshooting, software install and setup, technology consultation, computer training or wireless networking, Heroes and Geeks is the best company that you can rely upon for hiring and availing our outstanding and simply excellent services. Our agents are highly dedicated and passionate to make your life simpler and are available 24*7 to provide the support. Feel free to connect with us [email protected] or give a call at (213) 263-2488. So, hire us and make your life easy going.

Avail Data Recovery Services for your Lost Data

Data Recovery

No matter how often you use your computer system, whether for work on daily basis or at times, you cannot really afford to lose your vital and important files and data. Losing official data or any other important information could cause not only losing money on one front but also on the other make a bad impression and negative impact on your company. If you also gone through such a problem or going through, look for data recovery services. In most of the scenarios, companies and organizations used to save data and files on hard drives and they are highly delicate. With even a bit of mishandling, these drives may fail and collapse. In few cases, the drives get damaged to such extent that it becomes impossible to recover them. But in most of the cases, data and information stored on such drives can be recovered easily with availing expert’s assistance and special data recovery apps. But the fact is only experienced and reliable data recovery loss service providers should be hired to handle this task as the data could be confidential and you may not wish to hire someone who will do more damage to your hard drive.

Heroes and Geeks is one of the experienced and trustable company providing expert data recovery services in Los Angeles and all around. Even the company provides remote support and assistance if needed and that too at extremely competitive pricing. Make sure to seek services who can handle restoration of the data in an efficient way. When RAID controllers are involved or fail, it is difficult and almost impossible to recover the data as it means that the issues are with the hardware. In case, you can’t access the RAID system, it becomes necessary to seek specialist help and assistance. With the regular usage, and perhaps careless handling over the course of time period, computer system and related peripherals seem to undergo wear and tear. Many times, storage media gets corrupted due to spills. Just for an example, when the computer system comes into contact with water or something, issues happen and if the hard disks don’t function properly, they start producing strange sounds. In most of the scenarios, data recovery firms gets systems where the storage media is exposed to different types of liquid including water, coffee, tea or soda etc. Expert service providers can retrieve the data in these cases for sure.

In all, if you have been looking out for a good and sound data recovery service provider, you might explore several firms online but Heroes and Geeks is highly recommended because of its impeccable services offered from years and the expertise that the company has is simply outstanding. Make sure to not hire any service provider based on the service charges alone as the data is at risk and you definitely don’t want to lose it just because of few pennies. So, go for specialist’s offerings to stay away from any mishaps.