Is Your Computer Taking Too Long to Boot?

Is your computer system or laptop taking too long to boot and start? There could be different reasons due to which the computers run slow. It could be an old hardware impacting the speed of it or a virus or malware affecting the performance of the system. Before opting for computer repair services, there are few things that you can do on your own end.

In most of the computers, there are many programs and applications that start automatically once you turn it on. If you have saved the automatic update feature of the programs, then there are many of them that install and upgrade by themselves as soon as the system gets on. This leads to start up time of a computer comparatively slow. Look for these programs, disable them which are not getting used or so and by doing this, it can really save your computer repair costs. Restart your computer and see if it is still running slow or not.

 Wondering why to disable start-up apps and programs – Each time, you log in your computer, so many additional programs and apps start with the operating system. Few of them are essential and must to load for proper functioning. But, some of them are only and only required when you are going to use them. Opening up of so many programs and apps at the same time could let the start-up or booting time so high that it will be very much difficult to work on it efficaciously.

Wondering why these apps and programs start automatically – Behind this, there could be many reasons altogether. Some of them are mentioned in below.

  1. Staying connected – Many programs especially the messengers start automatically so that you can be connected with others 24*7.
  2. Uploading and downloading – Few programs like Acrobat, Java, Steam, etc. start automatically to let files get updated in the background. Otherwise, you have to start them manually to update them.
  3. Few need to always run – Few programs like Google Drive start with Windows automatically so that the files and data could be accessed at the very same time. Many like Windows Defender and antivirus programs start so that in real time situation, they can work. If your antivirus program is not working, it is likely to seek for computer repair services.
  4. Few need to control your hardware – There are many programs that support hardware so it is must for them to start needed for monitoring as well as controlling built-in hardware and graphics in a seamless manner.
  5. Load quicker – Few programs start automatically just because when you need them, they can open quicker.

Manually, by simply getting down to the settings of different apps like Skype or else, you can disable them when not in use. Also, press CTRL+ALT+Escape to open the task manager in Windows, look at the individual app and which one is not getting used, disable them to increase the start-up time of your computer. In case, even after clearing all the unnecessary clutter and start-up programs and apps, still your computer is running slow, feel free to call the very best and trusted onsite computer repair service provider in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Heroes and Geeks. Serving locals, SMBs and others from years, it has gained reputation in the industry for proffering excellent and cost effective computer repair, wireless networking, onsite tech support, laptop repair and Wi-Fi installation related services. Simply contact them right away and do let them know about your requirements.