Extend Your Hard Drive Life Cycle Through Efficient IT Support In Los Angeles


Are your computer systems more than six years old that you are using in your business? Do you want to know about how to extend the life cycle of your hard drive of computer systems? The answer is simple. A good and professional IT support services provider in Los Angeles can help in doing the same. If your computer systems are getting old, then do understand one thing that the time has come when they will start going slow. An IT support provider can take the following mentioned necessary steps to improvise the life support of your aging hardware.

1. Why to risk everything with the older hard drives – Once the hard drive reaches six year mark, you may start noticing some of the inconsistencies in the system like slower response and performance. In case, if you don’t keep a back up of your data on regular basis, it is possible to even lose all of it someday and it involves undoubtedly mentioning, greater risk. Unlike solid state drives, hard disk drives function with the moving parts. These moving parts specifically the spinning disc is more prone to wear and tear and eventually with time, they wear out, fail and die.

2. Endurance ratings – An IT support services provider in LA can evaluate the maximum durability of your hard drive by checking out its endurance ratings. Endurance ratings are the best indicators showing how much longer your drives will last prior to functioning of them in a proper manner. These values are usually measured in TBW – terabytes or DWPD – Drives written per day. The ratings depict the maximum usage and just for the record, enterprise level drives are more efficient and robust as compared to consumer drives and have higher endurance ratings.

3. Step by step way to extend your hard drive life cycle – Want to know about the guide that can help to extend your hard drive life cycle? Simply read on the following steps as mentioned:

a) Avoid turning your system on and off each day
b) Shut down your system when it is not in use for a few days
c) When in use, do keep the computer stationery
d) Do make sure to keep the drives free of any vibration
e) Secure your system from sunlight, dust or heat
f) Keep the room ventilated, run fans nearby your drives
g) Make use of defragmentation infrequently

As per the study done, it has been revealed by many that in many cases, even if the hard drive has failed, there are chances to recover the data and revive the hard drive as well. After a power rush, it may be possible for a drive to stop functioning from overheating but an IT team could be able to save the data by replacing printed circuit board or controller board. In case, your hard drive fails, it is always advisable to keep a back up of all your files. Working with top notch and professional IT technicians in LA is the best way to stay on the top. To know more about securing, repairing, maintaining or fixing of your computer hardware or anything else, feel free to reach out to Heroes and Geeks. They always focus on helping businesses and companies thrive and survive by keeping an eye on the technology and trends. Heroes and Geeks is a trusted IT support provider helping out locals, businesses and SMBs by offering them with cost effective and robust computer repair, onsite tech support, Wi-Fi installation and related services at its earliest in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What to Really Look for in an IT Support Service Provider in LA


In spite of the technology evolution and advancement and its usability across diverse businesses and industries, it is nearly impossible for any company to efficiently make optimal use of IT without assistance and support been provided by an IT service provider in LA. On a fortunate note, there are different IT support services providers helping people in effective managing their IT operations and optimizing their output. Though, every IT support provider is not a good fit for your business and it is must to look for the one that has the expertise and capability to meet your particular IT requirements to the fullest. While looking out for one of them, do make sure to consider the top notch factors that are mentioned in below that can be really helpful in selecting them.

Flexibility – The different IT assets demand different maintenance and optimization. For example, some of them demand the same on periodical basis whereas some could go for weeks without any problem. In the same way, some assets and resources demand remote IT support, to run effectively whereas some demand frequent onsite IT Support, for better functioning. Thus, it is like a necessity for an IT service provider to provide services in a flexible way. As per the requirement, they should be able to address the IT problem and resolve it at its earliest.

Expertise – It is very common to look for an IT support service provider in Los Angeles that could address common IT problems but the major factor to consider here is about complex IT issues. The level of expertise that an IT support provider has actually something that it reflects and shows. Your day to day IT concerns could be taken care of by most of the IT firms, but handling top level critical IT issues demand both expertise and experience. To check on the level of expertise that an IT company has, it is must to have a look at their professional certifications. It is not necessary to hire a big sized IT support service provider but if they have the required certification and awareness of the latest technology and expertise, then it is the right fit for your organization.

Areas of specialty – Along with having knowledge and understanding of different IT technologies, it is must for an IT support service provider to have the capacity to meet all your IT requirements from desktop support to computer repair to network support to computer hardware to wireless networking to Wi-Fi installation and everything. If an IT service provider is specialized in offering services across only a few areas than definitely they are not the right fit. A good fit is only the one that offers comprehensive IT support services. It would be able to provide your business the routine maintenance as well as repairs and other solutions, whenever desired. Also, they will have the ability to integrate new technologies into your existing IT infrastructure that will boost the overall efficacy and productivity of your company.

Heroes and Geeks is one of the reliable and trusted IT support services providers that help SMBs, locals and businesses to attain optimal operational efficacy and productivity in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It has been proffering fully fledged IT solutions and services along with computer repair, onsite tech support, Wi-Fi installation and others as per the requirement. Feel free to reach out to us for more details.

Tips That Help in Selecting The Best Data Recovery Services in Los Angeles


Data loss and recovery is been playing a crucial part in this technological era. Technology has spread in almost every sphere of everyone’s lives. In case your data is inaccessible and backup is also not there, then it becomes utterly significant to seek services from an expert data recovery service provider in Los Angeles which assures to take care of the same with sheer proficiency. Below mentioned tips could be really helpful and useful in selecting the best data recovery services from a reputed IT service provider in Los Angeles.

1. Dig up online or seek for referrals – The simplest way is to simply research down online and shortlist the best of data recovery service providers. Do make sure to go through the complaints, reviews and feedbacks of the clientele. Have a word with the clients if possible; ask them about the company and their assistance. Also, you can ask for referrals from your family, friends, social circle or group and others that can be often helpful.

2. Look for industry based certifications – The certifications indeed add a layer of reliability and authenticity to the company. It ensures an understanding of the practices that were going to be followed related to data recovery and knowledge of the processes and so. So, look for them before hiring anyone.

3. Check out their security practices – While seeking services for data recovery, indeed it is the most important factor to do consider for. A professional IT support services firm follows all kinds of security protocols assuring to safeguard the integrity of both personal and professional data. Do make sure to ask with the service provider about the kind of security infrastructure they offer for different kinds of services, security policies ensuring restricted accessibility to all employees, data back and retention policies, etc. Also, ask them whether the users are treated distinctly depending on the work or profile? The time span for which the data will be with the company before successful data recovery happens? Are data recovery laboratories available in physical? The strategies that the company is been using to wipe out the data and information? Getting answers to them will help you in deciding the right service provider for sure.

4. Check if they can handle multiple problems at the same time – The expertise and experience of data recovery service providers can help you in evaluating and knowing about its capabilities. It will also assist you in choosing the right company having experience in all fields. It is essential to make use of the right approach in data recovery and it is along with important to have expertise of functioning or how to recover data across different devices.

5. Have a look at the customer service policies – It is very much pivotal for data recovery service providers to render sheer customer satisfaction. Make sure to have a look at the policies as it should be strong, clear and adept. The customers must have 24*7 access with the company via phone, email or chat. A professional IT support company will be well equipped and handle all the queries of their clients at the same time and with uttermost dedication and professionalism.

Heroes and Geeks is one of the best and trusted data recovery services IT firm providing its impeccable 24*7 services and onsite tech support to its customers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. It is also been serving onsite computer repair, wireless networking and Wi-Fi installation related services to all small and medium sized companies, businesses, individuals and others within cost efficient prices.

Hiring an IT Support Firm in Los Angeles? Ask These Distinguishing Questions with Them


Once you grow more in number of employees and machines, PCs tend to slow down and IT concerns start happening. If you are small enough to hire full time IT team, outsourcing IT support services and onsite tech support can be a smart and affordable move. With so many competent Los Angeles IT support services firms available, how do you decide which one to select? Well, don’t just hire anyone. Here is a list of few questions that you can ask before hiring anyone in particular and this is going to be useful to you in the long run.

Which IT services you are going to provide – You simply don’t want to wait until an issue arises in your firm. The IT Company should know about how to provide help desk support to take care of small computer related issues that simply happen on any day. The company should provide network support and related solutions where they can see the firewall, network of the company and handle any potential threats that can happen. Also, the company should know how to prevent IT issues, not just only responding to them. Dealing with disaster recovery and backup solutions could be an advantage.

Why should we prefer you over others – The good IT support service company knows of their pros and cons. If they answer this question well, the probability is that they provide great protection services.

Can you give some of the client referrals to us – It is always advisable to look into the client referrals before signing up any contract. If the IT Company is not able to, then there are chances that it won’t be able to proffer excellent services.

Any IT certifications you have – Technology is evolving with time and forward thinking IT support service firms likely invest in employee training to stay ahead in the competition. In case it tells about some, it means that the IT firm has a good grasp over technologies and different platforms.

How much IT support is going to cost each month – Definitely, you would want to know in prior about how much IT support services is going to cost you on monthly basis. Do feel free to ask them openly and get a clear understanding of the individual services and their respective prices and alongside compare them up with others and choose the best firm.

How much you are willing to cooperate and plan for my business’s requirements – You don’t want to associate with an IT company that is unresponsive or remains only for a few months and then leave. A long term association seeks time to comprehend your company’s short and long term business objectives. Just do your research thoroughly and see what that company can do for your business.

Want to know about how Heroes and Geeks IT support services are different from others in Los Angeles? It is one of the esteemed and trusted IT services and support providers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Assuring to look after every IT aspect in your firm, they provide managed services and 24*7 tech support that lets resolving problems before they even happen. Aside from this, they are into providing excellent computer repair, wi-fi installation and wireless networking services to all locals and customers residing in the nearby areas. Feel free to contact them anytime, seek for door to door services at your workplace or residential without hesitating and they will serve none but the best of all at cost efficient prices.

How 24*7 IT Support in Los Angeles can Help to Grow Your Business?


Irrespective of the fact that which industry you are into, there is no denial that with the evolution of the digitization and web 2.0, everybody in a virtual way is getting impacted by IT. In fact, IT is been such an integral part of our day to day routine and modern businesses that most of the time we fail to realize the fact that most of the applications we are using are like an extension of our lives and no matter what they are doing, we are comfortable in using them.

Many a times, it leads to creating the trouble like obsolete hardware, servers crash, slowing down of PCs and laptops performance, and so. Usually in such cases, companies seek for IT support services to fix the problems. These problems could occur anytime in a business, and it is highly advisable to all, like to always take a proactive approach in such concerns like hiring 24*7 IT support services from a trustable IT service provider. This kind of approach will always benefit you in growing and improvising your business in the long run, along with saving your time and money by assuring your IT infrastructure to run as smooth as it could be possible. Here follows is the top notch aspects in which 24*7 tech support could really help your business to grow and flourish.

Issues will be taken care of before occurring – In businesses, IT issues could really cost. It not only slows down the operations and efficiency but also could force the business to shut down for a span of time frame. A professional IT support team can help in preventing these kinds of problems before happening as they are aware of all your IT assets and infrastructure in advance, use the appropriate tools to figure out the issues and ensure peak performance and maintenance all the time.

When problems occur, they are solved every time – When you have the support of a 24*7 IT service provider, you have already an IT team who understands your technology and everything. When the problem occurs, rather than learning and knowing about the infrastructure and technology that your business is been using, they can look for the problem, and fix it as quickly as could be possible.

Optimal up time – Undoubtedly, with the support of a 24*7 IT team, the uptime of the operations could be dramatically improvised. Like as mentioned in above, you are going to face fewer issues and the ones that happen will be resolved quickly. It will result in optimal uptime and minimal stress for sure.

Onsite support – Though, it occurs occasionally that you run into a problem that is big enough to seek assistance of onsite support. If you wait at that time for the support, it is going to take some time. But if you already have 24*7 IT company support, there will be an assurance of on-time service and assistance.

Deep collaboration – One of the prime benefits of any long term association is collaboration. When you are engaged with a 24*7 IT company, certainly two of you will get the chance to know about each other and become familiar. You learn about how to share your needs with them in the way they could comprehend. The IT Company become aware of your business, your technical prerequisites, your IT infrastructure and required needs in a better way. This actually always results in solutions that are going to work for you.

In all, whatever your IT requirements are, opting for 24×7 IT support services from a reliable IT company is always helpful and could make a difference in your business’s operations and performance. The problems will be prevented prior to happening and will be resolved at much quicker pace. Heroes and Geeks is one of the trusted IT Company that is providing IT support services and other computer repair solutions from years in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.

Want to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life? Tips That Will Help!


Whether you are a business owner or a student or a professional, the likely chances are there that you rely much on your laptop. It is very much important to know of the ways through which you can actually extend your laptop battery life. The research depicts that an average laptop battery life lasts in between 1 to 6 hours after full charging. Do read on the following tips in case your laptop battery life is falling short of that.

Adjust the battery settings – With time, laptop batteries get weak and most of the manufacturers have battery performance settings. By going through these settings, there are options available through which you can minimize the power required for your laptop to perform peculiar functions. Just for an example, Mac users, options like Energy Saver Window is available to adjust performance preferences. Similarly, for Windows users, there is an option of battery performance slider to manage that. By doing this, it could really save a considerable time span for battery life.
Assess the applications – Likewise mobiles, laptops also run applications in the background. With many applications running continually in the background, the unnecessary power out of your laptop might be expending. The best way to stop it is to first go through all the downloaded applications of your laptop, and if you find any one of them then either, turn it off for the time you are not using or delete it.
Disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi – If you are not actively using the web browser, do consider shutting Wi-Fi off of your laptop. If you are working on some thesis or doing any activity on laptop that doesn’t require Wi-Fi then this pointer could really aid in saving much power. Similarly, Bluetooth could be another factor that is wasting your laptop’s battery life unnecessarily. If the activity you are doing doesn’t require any Bluetooth connection, simply turn it off. It indeed will save battery life. To quickly disable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on a temporary basis, you can also turn on the “Airplane” mode.
The brightness of your laptop – In most of the laptops, there is an option to dim out the brightness on the screen as well as keyboard. If you are working in a brighter area, do dim out the light and intensity of your laptop. It will save not only your battery power of the laptop but also will not hurt your eyes.
Purchase a spare battery – It is always handy to have a spare battery with you as you will never know when it will be required. Do buy the spares from the manufacturers or reliable sources only. Many a times, even manufacturers sell spares with higher capacity range, distinct from the originals installed in your system. So, make sure to buy the spare battery as per the specifications of your laptop.

If you already followed all the tips and still is facing any concern with your laptop performance or battery life, this could be a sign that there is some other severe problem. To look for the solution with your laptop repair, wireless networking, remote support, network support, troubleshooting and computer repair services, feel free to contact Heroes and Geeks. It is one stop and reliable platform serving laptop repair and services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas from years.

Control and Optimize Your Users’ Home Wi-Fi Experience!


In this technological world, wireless is a significant service needed by everyone. In case, it goes out, it feels like everything has been put on a halt. This is the prime reason to wonder that so many organizations and businesses still trust on unauthentic and out-of-date wireless networks supporting their users’, employees and customers.

In any business, if something is pretty much important than it is the user experience. The quality and performance of your Wi-Fi network plays a pivotal role in ascertaining how much personal and productive that experience is for the users. Here, below mentioned are the pointers focusing on apt Wi-Fi planning, and how to optimize your users’ home Wi-Fi experience.

Wi-Fi network in your home – The physical obstacles like appliances or walls could really impact the speed and performance of your Wi-Fi. To make the optimal use of Wi-Fi and enrich your home experience, make sure to minimize the number of obstacles in between and be nearest to the devices like router or modem.

Shift nearer to Wi-Fi router device – The place where router is located is pretty much important. So many people keep the device in an attic or a basement or like the arenas from where it is very much difficult to get the wireless signal strength.

Do make sure to put it at the centre of the home, or somewhere up in the floor in home from where it could be better to reach out to the signal strength in an optimal manner.

Have a look at all the devices – The use of many devices actually divide up the signal bandwidth, and each device is supposed to be taking the portion at the time it is been used. Certainly, the more number of devices are been used, the more bandwidth of your Wi-Fi network is been divided and consumed.
Adding to this, there are some devices that really can’t support higher speed and that slow down the others as well. To know more of the speed that your particular device is consuming, look at the manual of the same or do a web search and check it via its model number.
Make sure to keep your home Wi-Fi password protected – Do remember the fact that the speed is been shared by all the devices on which your Wi-Fi is been used. Make the home Wi-Fi experience secure and not shared by others by keeping it password protected.
Keep your devices clean and away from the clutter – Do remember to keep all your devices clean by doing virus scans and up-to-date as per the latest updates along with keeping them away from all the clutter.
The devices that you are not using, do clear cookies, close browsers, and turn them off. If you need any help in how to clear cookies and else, feel free to do a web search.

Hope the information is useful to you all. Do follow these steps in order to not only control but also maximize your users’ home Wi-Fi experience. In case of any trouble related to Wi-Fi support solutions, do reach out a reliable and reckoned service provider like Heroes and Geeks, offering services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

How to Enhance Your Home Wireless Network Security


Do you understand what a basic home wireless network means? In simple words, it depicts connecting the internet access point like a cable from your ISP to a wireless router in a way that could let multiple devices connect to the network efficiently.

The only approach that people take to secure their home wireless network is keeping it password protected but in this world of security breaches, it is mandatory to secure it more efficaciously. Here follows are few ways which you can think of executing while securing your home network.

• Change your default home network name – Changing the name of your home wireless network makes it difficult for people to understand which kind of router you are using. Do not disclose much information on the wireless network to stay away from any theft activity.

• Set a strong password – Do make sure to change the wireless default and access password only after the installation. A strong password must be minimal 20 characters long comprising letters, numbers and symbols.

• Boost security by activating network encryption – The wireless networks come with so many encryption languages like WPA, WEP, and WPA2. It is advisable to go for next generation wireless network encryption that helps in giving a boost to the security level as well as involves a wide range of features simplifying Wi-Fi security configuration for service providers and users.

• Turn off the home network when you are not using it – To enhance the security of your home network, it is highly recommended to turn off the network whenever you are away, not using or not at home. Turning off of your network helps in minimizing the chances to get hacked, brings calmness to your place and being damaged by power surges.

• The location of the router in your home – Do make sure to place the wireless router in the middle of the home as much as possible. It aids in providing equivalent access to all the rooms in terms of signal bandwidth and range.

• Change default IP address – By changing the default IP address of the wireless router, you can give a boost to the security of the home network. It makes it difficult for hackers to keep a track of the same. To do the same, there are instructions stated in the user manual of the router, so follow them step by step and change it.

• Turn off DHCP feature in router – Make sure to turn off the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) feature in the router, in which IP addresses are allocated to each specific device on a network. Rather, make use of a static address that is more secure.

• Disable remote access – By simply disabling the remote access of your wireless router, external parties won’t be able to access your device privacy settings. To do the change, feel free to do a web search for “Remote Administration or Remote Access”.

• Keep the router’s software up-to-date – In many wireless routers; there is not a function to auto update their software and users have to do the same manually. So, be aware of the updates, go to settings and keep it updated always to stay away from any kind of vulnerability or attack.

• Firewalls can secure home wireless network – Firewalls are available in hardware variety as well, along with being just used as software programs on your PCs. A hardware firewall adds one extra layer of security to the network. It also helps in safeguarding your system against virus and malware attacks.

In a shell, enhancing and securing the home wireless network should be everyone’s top notch priority. Above mentioned pointers are useful for even non techies and could be applied by them. Aside from this, do not ever forget that your wireless network security could be weak and simply prone to attacks. But make sure to follow the procedures to be secure at all time. In case of any concern or assistance, feel free to reach out a reliable Wi-Fi support service provider like Heroes and Geeks, which has a reputation in the industry for offering excellent Wi-Fi support services.

10 Ways to Fix Your Home Wi-Fi problems


When your home Wi-Fi slows down, your life seems to be stopped too. Everything from Alexa to Netflix to web browsers to work e-mails to social media stops responding, simply ruining the drive of your routine. There could be plenty of reasons altogether that keeps your Wi-Fi slowing down or failing like the router location, signal congestion, hardware limitations, firmware issues, your home physical size, etc.

Here follows is the top 10 ways through which you can not only fix your home Wi-Fi problems but also lower down the risk of connection breakdowns.

• Update router’s firmware – It helps on one side to be aware of the improvisations and additional features of the firmware’s new version and on the other, be up-to-date as per the security updates. Usually, everything from checking to downloading to reviewing to installing the updates is available on the administration page of the firmware.

• Check out for interferences – Routers and other devices often blend with airwaves and impact your Wi-Fi network. To get help in such issues, it is possible to devise Wi-Fi “heat” map using a free tool. Just for an example, an app Wi-Fi Analyzer could be used as a real time signal strength meter.

• Change channels – Feel free to change channel for your router and it is specifically helpful in case you are using that 2.4 GHz frequency. Shifting from one channel to other could often assist in speeding things up. For Android users, there are so many Wi-Fi scanning tools available and Network Analyzer is one of the widely preferred ones.

• Enable Quality of Service by putting guests/kids on their own network – There is a feature available on some of the routers ‘Quality of Service – QoS’, which helps in prioritizing traffic in accord to date type that is transmitted.

For guests/kids, parents can enable “Guest Network’ option that let them access data from a separate network and keep your files confidential too.

• Updated Router – If you are seeking for a new router, do make sure to go for advanced AC routers with dual or triple band functionalities, which could not be found in older routers. Also look for advanced features in them like MIMO – Multiple In Multiple Out, beamforming, Gigabit Ethernet ports, multiple USB 3.0 connectors, etc.

• Use a mesh Network – If you have a big sized house or an office, a mesh Wi-Fi network is indeed worth every penny. Unlike standard size Wi-Fi routers, these next generation mesh routers are designed in a way, supposed to be providing optimal Wi-Fi network coverage via multiple access points.

• Check your security – If your Wi-Fi network is open, no security is imbibed or it is using WEP, first of all do change the security setting at that time only. An open network leads to anyone using your Wi-Fi and it could be hacked too. The older protocols that were used and are insecure are TKIP and WPA and the secure level that must be opted is WPA2 with AES.

• Change location – The location of the router plays an important role in Wi-Fi network’s connectivity. Try to place it in close to the home’s center as much as possible and a bit elevated so that Wi-Fi connection could be free from any obstacle including other devices and furniture.

In case, your home is big enough in size and you are using only one router, you definitely require a boost in the number of routers for optimal Wi-Fi network coverage and performance.

• Select the right band – Do understand that Wi-Fi bands are not created equally. The B/G routers support 2.4 GHz spectrum, the newer ones support 5 GHz band and so. By enabling dual band capacity on newer routers, you can keep older devices supporting the slower specification as well as newer ones that work on speedier band capacity seamlessly.

• Reboot your router – Often, rebooting is all you need to do to fix the Wi-Fi problem. In case your Wi-Fi network is slow, unplug your router or cable for minimum 30 seconds, and then turn it on.

Is your Wi-Fi problem fixed by now? If still it is impacting your routine, do make sure to get in touch with a well known firm like Heroes and Geeks, who has been offering efficient and reliable Wi-Fi support services from years in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

What to Do If Your Internet Connection Isn’t Working


In this technological era, everyone depends on their internet connection, whether it is related to staying updated with the news, or watch movies or seasons, or meet work ends or anything else. So in case your internet connection is not working, it is obvious to feel like an alien in a completely different world and everything stops for that moment.

Troubleshooting of your internet connection could be fixed and to do this simply read on the following tips to get it back in order.

1- Try to connect on a different device – First of all, try to connect your internet on a different device like tablet or Smartphone, and in case it connects, then it means that the problem is with your computer system.

a) In case the problem is with your computer system, do follow the steps. Firstly, make sure the Wi-Fi of your computer system is on. Make it switch off and on again.
b) If still, problem persists then reboot your computer system.
c) If still, internet connection is giving you problems then go to network preferences, and check whether you have signed on the right network or not. Enter in the password carefully one more time.
d) The connectivity concerns could be because of weak signal strength. Have a look at the bars on the right hand side of your system, and if there are few bars, try to shift a bit closer to the router and try again.
e) Try and run the network diagnostics if the problem still is not solved, follow steps as been depicted by the set up wizard.
f) Turn off your firewall on a temporary basis and try to get online afterwards. If it gets connected, there is something wrong with the firewall. Do contact the technical support to know about the issues and without firewall security, the system is open for malware and virus attacks.

2- Check your internet connection – Try to have a look at your Wi-Fi icon on your system and see whether it is connected to your network or not. If it is connected, then internet could be the issue and if it is not connected, then Wi-Fi or Internet could be giving lack of access. At any stage, you can troubleshoot your computer system. If that highlights no outcomes, the problem could be with the modem or router.

3- Check your Router/Modem – Before doing anything else, restart your router/modem. Do follow these steps while restarting it.
a) Unplug it from the power source.
b) If your router/modem has a battery backup, do remove the batteries temporarily.
c) Wait for few seconds.
d) Plug in back into power source. If you have removed batteries, put them on.

In case, the problem is still giving you chills, this is the time to take out the user manual of your router/modem and understand what each icon depicts for. The attention needs to be paid to that icon that is meant for connecting internet. If the light is off, then Wi-Fi is indeed not channelling the internet connection. If the light is on, the internet service is not working as required.

4- Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi network – Keep your router/modem in an open space. Also, keep it away from any sort of clutter and make sure that signal strength is not getting compromised at all. Try to reconnect to your Wi-Fi and if this not works, this is the time to move to a new step.

5- Give a call to the service provider – This is the last step and your service provider could ask you different things to function at this stage. The best way is to do what they are asking you to do for, follow the instructions and let the operator know consistently about the status. In most of the cases, coordinating with the operator helps to get back to your internet connection.

In all, internet issues happen and they leave you frustrated for a time being but contacting a reliable service provider could resolve all the issues in no time. Heroes and Geeks is one of them providing Wi-Fi support services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.